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Easy connect, manage & sell fast to 6 sales channels with an All-in-1 eCommerce platform.
Perfectly connecting ERP & WMS to streamline your order fulfillment process and win customer loyalty.

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PayRecon ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning

Simple and intuitive ERP system that helps online sellers to list and sell their products on Malaysia’s largest online marketplace. Make your online stores easier and faster.


PayRecon eWMS

e-Warehouse Management System

A cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) which is designed to optimize your warehouse management and strictly control every single detail to ensure 100% accuracy.


Sell More & Sell Fast with 6 Sales Channels


Marketplace Sync

Chat Commerce

Social Store

Live Commerce

Smart POS

Simplified Ecommerce Operations, Improve Inventory Visibility

PayRecon ERP + eWMS │ One-Stop Solution

PayRecon help transform the way multi-channel & multi-warehouse sellers work while automating
and streamlining the order and inventory management process.

Seamless Integration & Experience

Connect and integrate with 50+ brands, including marketplace, webstore, accounting system, logistics, ePos, and more! - to manage inventory levels and orders in one place.

Both systems provide a seamless experience for system users by sharing the same information

Optimize Fulfillment Efficiency

Automate inventory tracking from inbound to outbound and send a quick notification to your inventory management. Makes it easier to gain traceability and movement throughout your warehouse.

Creating transparent inventory movements and greatly saving warehouse operating costs.

Cloud-based Software

Scalable and flexible. Access to systems anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Boss can monitor your employee performance from home & employees can access a cloud-based ERP & WMS for improved productivity. Data is securely stored in AWS servers.


We've got everything you need to help you achieve eCommerce success


PayRecon ERP

Marketplace & Webstore Integration

Integrate big marketplaces & webstores like Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and PG Mall, Shopify, WooCommerce, and EasyStore. Manage all sales channels in 1 place.

Marketplace Quantity Sync

Manage inventory and sync the latest quantity to all the marketplace stores in real-time.


Manage all chats from Lazada, Shopee, WhatsApp, and FB Messenger in 1 place. Faster response and win customer loyalty.

Accounting Integrator

Pass unlimited invoices at once in a short time! Create credit notes and knock-off payments in no time.

Payment Reconciliation

Easily track these transactions with just 1 click: Unpaid orders, shipping fees, missing parcel, and subsidy/ double scan.

Batch Order Processing

Filter and process bulk orders by sorting marketplace, store, and even logistic providers. Speed up your order processing.

SMART Scan Mobile App

Easily track these transactions with just 1 click: Unpaid orders, shipping fees, missing parcel, and subsidy/ double scan.

Product Scrape

“Shovel” products and information from multiple marketplaces, such as Alibaba, Taobao, TMall, Lazada, andcShopee. Import them into your store.

PayRecon eWMS

Inventory Management

An organized workflow helps you keep precise inventory levels. A big impact on reducing overstock and stock out issues

Multi-Warehouse Management

Manage over 1 warehouse and sync their real-time data on 1 system. Make inventory and distribution runs smoothly & ship faster to a wider area.

Picking & Packing

Right pick and pack methods will greatly reduce mistakes and return. Save you tons of money and your customer will be happier.

Barcode Technology

Scan barcodes on every trolley, rack, bin, and product when picking to ensure that stock is always in the right place, and always picked from the right place.


So-called "Product Bundling". Combine 2 or more individual items/SKUs together into 1 new item for shipping.

Stock Rotation

Support a variety of stock rotation requirements: FIFO, LIFO, lot number, receipt date, manufacture date, and expiration date. Support for serial number tracking.

Cycle Count

Enter the remaining quantity you see and the system will do the adjustment for you, eliminating the need to manually count all your inventory.

Return Management

Known as "Reverse Logistic". The seller only needs to select the condition of the returned product, the system will auto deduct or restock it.

No.1 Cloud ERP system in Southeast Asia

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Frequently Asked Questions

PayRecon is a system designed to help online sellers effectively optimize their daily e-Commerce operations. PayRecon provides services such as Multichannel selling, Inventory & Order Management, Warehousing & Fulfillment, Omnichannel Retailing, and more!

PayRecon system is based on a monthly and yearly subscription basis, you may subscribe to either one based on your needs. Contact us for the cost. No extra cost, no contracts.

Get PayRecon Free Trial Account here.

Yes. You can. We do offer a PayRecon free trial account with some basic features for 2 weeks use. Sign up a free trial account here.

Yes. You may opt to subscribe to our 1️-to-1️ support service, with a dedicated PayRecon’s Support Expert in charge on your account to readily support you at any time and any day during working hours. Contact us for more information.

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