E-Commerce Payment Reconciliation Software

One-click checking

Easily and accurately cross-check e-commerce statements to tackle your financial reporting needs.

What is e-Commerce Payment Reconciliation?

A process of cross-checking payments against your marketplaces to make sure the amounts match each other. 

Make your e-Commerce payment cross-checking with ease

We simplify your cross-checking of marketplace statements to ensure your finance balance.  By matching your internal and external activity to your marketplaces, your transaction must be transparent and accurate.

PayRecon provides automatic statement checking to solve your problems:

Payment is always NOT TALLY

Not sure how much marketplaces CHARGE YOU EXTRA

No idea which ORDERS HAVE NOT BEEN PAID by the marketplace

You can hand these hassles to us.

PayRecon does payment reconciliation for you.

PayRecon Payment Reconciliation is your must-have e-Commerce solution!

Easy checking, Paid and Unpaid orders

By selecting “paid” or  “unpaid” under the report navigation, the system will directly display all the details of your marketplace’s paid and unpaid orders.

Auto-calculate overcharged shipping fees and unpaid payment amount

PayRecon will auto-calculate the difference between Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora-charged and customer-paid. You’ll no longer need to manually calculate the shipping fee and other fees. There’s a total amount in each report.

Up to 12 reports for checking payments

PayRecon offers you a wide range of reports, such as Paid Report, Unpaid Report, Postage Fee Report, Return Reconciliation Report, and more! 

Click on the report in the navigation bar – select your marketplace and store, and the details will be there. Giving you clear visibility!

Export your report as both CSV and Excel file

You can easily export the report in the peculiar formats you want-download it as CSV or Excel. Everything is just one click away.

After all, the next step is to claim against Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora.

One place to check all other insignificant charged by Lazada

All your insignificant Lazada charges such as storage fee, FBL Handling fee refund, shipping fee voucher, and more – will be listed in our “Penalty & Others” report.

PayRecon system will show you these insignificant charges as well as the successfully claimed amount from Lazada.

How to claim your unpaid payment from marketplaces?

Step 1Step 1

Submit account statement

Step 2Step 2

Choose the report you want to view

Step 3Step 3

Choose marketplace and store

Step 4Step 4

Check the statement/ payment by date range

Step 5Step 5

Compare the Customer Paid & Shopee/ Lazada/ Zalora charged (shipping)

Step 6Step 6

Export the data and start processing claims

Benefits of Using PayRecon Payment Reconciliation?

Save time

Maintain a good financial record

Quicker month-end financial close

View Side-by-side comparison

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